GWCA Objectives 

GWCA is a member-driven association with more than 400 members, including large and small employers throughout the state.  The objectives of GWCA are to:

GWCA has been meeting these objectives since 1975.

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The Georgia Workers' Compensation Association is a leading advocate for employers on workers' compensation issues.  Some past accomplishments are:

GWCA Activities & Services 

Next Steps
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development of hospital fee schedules
limited duration of benefits for non-catastrophic injuries
preservation of workers' compensation as the "exclusive remedy"
elimination of mandatory rehabilitation
preservation of the panel of physicians
preservation of a statutory benefit rather than an "indexed" benefit
rebuttable presumption in drug and alcohol related cases
preservation of appropriate compensability standards
25% cap on attorney fees
represent employers before state government and the congressional delegation
inform members of pending legislation, court cases, regulations, and other matters of interest
educate members on public policy issues and the management of workers' compensation
promote workers' compensation self insurance in Georgia
Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy - GWCA's executive director is a registered lobbyist with over 30 years experience who monitors all legislation and speaks on behalf of self insured employers.  GWCA also works closely with the State Board of Workers' Compensation on regulatory matters
Case Law Review - GWCA files amicus briefs with Georgia appellate courts on the most important workers' compensation cases
Member Education - Spring and fall conferences provide members with top speakers and interactive workshops on timely topics.  Networking opportunities with state officials and other workers' compensation professionals at the conferences also contribute to member education