Represent. Inform. Educate. Promote.

GWCA is a member-driven association with more than 400 members, including large and small employers throughout the state. The objectives of GWCA are to:

Represent employers before state government
and the congressional delegation

Inform members of pending legislation, court cases,
regulations, and other matters of interest

Educate members on public policy issues and the management
of workers' compensation

Promote workers' compensation self insurance in Georgia
Dear GWCA Members,

The GWCA Board and I have made the decision to transform our Fall 2020 GWCA Conference from an in-person event to a monthly virtual lunch and learn program.  We will be hosting a virtual lunch and learn starting October 14th and continue with our lunch learn program through April 2021.  The program will be scheduled for the second Wednesday of each month from 11:30am to 1:00pm and GWCA will provide one complimentary registration for our members. This change is to offer the Fall Conference in a way that will encourage more participation and be mindful of people’s workload by spacing it out. 

With so much uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we believe this is the only way to protect our GWCA attendees.  The GWCA Executive Board and Conference Committee are working to develop this virtual GWCA Lunch and Learn program that will incorporate interactive session activities with webinars and pre-recorded videos.  This program will be filled with dynamic and innovative speakers, insightful panel discussions and plenty of opportunities to connect virtually.

Our sponsors are more than vendors-they are partners.  We appreciate their support and are proud to highlight their contributions to the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Association.

Thank you for your support! 

Best Regards,

Garlana H. Mathews
GWCA Director

NOTE: Registration and sponsorship opportunities will be available soon.