Employers Roundtable Meeting

Our second Employers Roundtable meeting was regarded by attendees as beneficial in the area of Workers' Compensation, healthcare and safety. Thank you to all of the attendees and a special thank you to Judge David Imahara and Judge Nicole Tifverman for taking time to be a part of these important discussions.

If you did not attend we hope you will plan to attend the Spring Conference May 14-16 2014 at Lake Lanier Islands where we will hold another session.

Kim Smith
ExpressJet Airlines

"I think that it is beneficial to meet with likeminded people and discuss common issues for WC from the employer standpoint. I found it very beneficial to see how the other employers handle continued health benefits. This is an issue that would not be addressed at the large conference. I enjoyed having an actual judge included in on the round table."

Doris Edwards
ExpressJet Airline

"First I would like to thank you for the invite. I really loved the idea and was grateful for the opportunity.  It was nice to hear that I'm not alone on some of the issues we were able to discuss.  The ideas that floated around the table were amazing. It was great to have the ALJs there to speak and give us some insight on their thoughts and how they are able to make their decision. All in all it was very refreshing and I hope it continues.  I am always looking for new ideas so this is something I will look forward to. Again, thank you for creating this platform."

Dawn Jones
Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners

"I thought it was a great opportunity to find out how other companies are handling common WC issues and I enjoyed networking with the other companies and seeing how we can partner with them to create safer work environments."

Olan Hembree
Georgia School Boards Association

"I thought it was very helpful to hear others discuss their claims issues in WC and get good ideas from our peers. I learned of some good safety programs for schools, of which I intend to make certain our Risk Control person is aware. We appreciate being invited to attend."