represent employers before state government and the congressional delegation
inform members of pending legislation, court cases, regulations, and other matters of interest
educate members on public policy issues and the management of workers' compensation
promote workers' compensation self insurance in Georgia
Represent. Inform. Educate. Promote.

GWCA is a member-driven association with more than 400 members, including large and small employers throughout the state.  The objectives of GWCA are to:
New Employer Members

  • ABF Freight System
  • Benton-Georgia, LLC
  • Blue Bird Corporation
  • City of Gainesville
  • Elberton Granite Assoc., Inc
  • Fieldale Farms Corporation
  • The Mayo Clinic
New Associate Members

  • Carr Allison
  • Eckman/Freeman & Associates
  • Medical Consultants Network
  • OccuSure Workers Compensation
  • The Rock Law Firm
  • Southern Spine & Pain Institute
  • Summit Pharmacy Solutions
  • Vincent E. Boswell, MD PC